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The PART program uses clinical neuroscience tools to examine brain activity to help us better understand what causes mental health problems and how to more effectively treat them. To accomplish this, PART invites eligible individuals who have recently developed psychosis, are at risk of developing psychosis, and healthy volunteers to participate in research. Individuals are paid for their research participation.

Cognitive Training
The PART Program is testing a computer training program to see if it improves brain functions such as: memory, attention, concentration, organization, and planning, etc. The brain fitness program we are using has been found to improve thinking abilities and treatment outcomes in people who have been diagnosed with serious mental disorders. We hope to find out if the brain fitness program also helps individuals who are at risk of developing mental health problems.

Brain Imaging

Participants are invited to complete an electroencephalograph (EEG) and magnetic imaging scan (MRI). An MRI records brain activity by using a powerful magnet that rapidly takes pictures of your brain and shows us what areas are active. An EEG records brain function by looking at brainwave patterns. Both EEG and MRI and safe and painless to complete.

More studies for Recent-Onset participants
In addition to the studies described above, we have several other studies that are available to recent-onset individuals:


Myth: People with psychosis are violent
Fact: This is actually false. The only reliable predictor of violence is a prior history of committing violence.

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